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Welcome to the 3rd video in the Small Business Series. In this video Rob and Jon Lewis talk about what it’s like to be a professional musician and entertainer. Jon is the lead singer and guitarist in the children’s entertainment group Mr. Jon & Friends.

Rob and Jon talk about his path to becoming a professional musician, how he made the change from adult entertainment to kids, and how the 2020 Pandemic has forced him to change the way he does business.

There is lot’s of great advice for aspiring musicians and lessons that have been learned the hard way by Jon. One big takeaway for me is the multiple sources of revenue that Jon has created around his music from live performances, streaming sales, custom recordings, public concerts, and public funding campaigns. There is so much more to being a musician than getting signed by a record label and touring the world!

Jon also shares a challenge he is facing in his business and wants your help with solving. You can leave your solution in the comments section of the video on YouTube. If you’d like to learn more or contact Jon, please go to

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