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Small Business Series –

Welcome to the 2nd video in the Small Business Series where Rob interviews small business owners to learn more about their business and come away with useful information for our Simple StartUp founders.

In this video, Rob takes on a slightly different approach. Rather than interviewing a single book affiliate business, he was able to speak with Elle McKenzie from about the business of being a virtual bookstore or a book affiliate. This interview is jam packed with great information about how the platform works, how you can get started, and advice for getting your book business off the ground.

Learn what mistakes are made by sellers, ways to increase traffic to your stores, and how the whole commission-based selling model works. This can be a great addition to your blog, podcast, YouTube Channel, or social media profile, OR a standalone business idea. If you want to reach Elle, you can email her at [email protected] Don’t forget to check out the live events coming up at The Simple StartUp. There are always virtual courses starting soon if you are an aspiring entrepreneur and want some help in getting your business started.

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