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Small Business Series – Meta Pro Gaming

As part of a new project, I am looking to interview small business owners who are interested in sharing their experiences of being an entrepreneur with us beginners. It’s called The Small Business Series and will consist of short video intereviews where we talk about things like:

  • How they got started in entrepreneurship
  • Explain what their business does and how it makes money
  • The steps for starting a similar business
  • One challenge they are currently facing and seeking ideas for solving

For the last part, you will be able to share your ideas in the comments of the YouTube video and try to help the owner solve their problem!

The first video in the series is an interview with Chris Leonard who is the owner and founder of Meta Pro Gaming. An esports academy based in New Market, MD but with reach all over the United States. In the interview Chris tells us how he got started in entrepreneurship after careers in the military and law enforcement. Did you know there are professional video game players? Or that esports is blowing up in popularity across the world? Me neither! It made for a really interesting conversation where I learned just as much as you will.

I hope you enjoy it!


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